Plantar fasciitis symptoms

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For all of my life, I had no clue as to what the term plantar fasciitis meant. My discovery of plantar fasciitis symptoms came through a natural self evaluation of my body’s behavior. Here is how I discovered plantar fasciitis. A brief background will make this clear.

I have led a generally healthy lifesyle all my life thus far and being a good husband and father bringing home the bacon by putting in long hours at work, every day, seven days of the week. My work environment requires long periods of standing with small interludes of sitting at a desk. I felt that this physically active lifestyle is a lot better than some of my friends that sit at a desk all day, doing either IT, administrative or other customer service work. In addition to standing, I physically work with my hands and body, moving, pulling, lifting and so on. Thus when I had to get a physical done, the doctor was surprised to find that all of my vital numbers fell perfectly in place even though I do not go to a gym or do any weight training and so on.

I attribute my excellent physical condition to my workplace environment. So, in addition to providing myself and my family a means of living, my workplace has helped me maintain good health and I am thankful for that.

But just about a year ago, something strange started happening. Every time I would get up in the morning, I started feeling severe pain in the underside of my heel and would last for about an hour or so. As with everyone, I would get up, go about my morning rituals, go to work and after about an hour and a half of my morning routine, the pain would be gone.

The pain would return after lunch time, which I usually spent about an hour at my desk. Severe pain in my heels would be felt. Again, after about an hour, the pain disappeared. This kept repeating every day. And I said to myself, I have not banged my feet against anything or caused any physical damage; I do not have any other health problems. Upon studying and doing more research on my own, I determined that I was suffering from a condition called plantar fasciitis.

I decided to learn more about this condition.

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