What causes plantar fasciitis

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Once I latched on the term plantar fasciitis in my head, I decided to find out what causes plantar fasciitis. I started looking in all the wrong places. First I thought may be I stepped on a massive piece of steel and damaged my heels. That could not be the case because there is no massive piece of steel at my work. Then I thought may be I stepped on a rock the wrong way and may be I sprained my heels or caused some damage similar to that. That could not have happened, since as I said my activities outside of work are extremely limited.

In any case, I started applying sprain ointments that are available over the counter such as Bengay and Flexall. They seemed to help a little bit, may be it was a placebo effect, but the repeating pain did not go away. As sure as the sun rises in the east every morning, my pain due to plantar fasciitis, my self diagnosis, came back. Then again, I thought I was looking the wrong way.

I performed further studies and learnt that plantar fasciitis generally affects people, both men and women in their later adult lives and it does not happen overnight, but builds over time. People that stand on hard surfaces for extended periods of time are more prone to getting affected with plantar fasciitis my research indicated and as I said, in my case I stand on hard concrete flooring all day, every day No wonder I was suffering from heel pain caused by plantar fasciitis.

My doubts were clarified and my questions answered. Now I wanted to learn more about what is plantar fasciitis.

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