Plantar fasciitis treatment options

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Being averse to any surgery, I started evaluating what are the treatment options for my plantar fasciitis. The easy ones were the first to be tried on and the progressively difficult ones to be reserved for later. This has always been my approach to every problem I face.

For example, when my lawn mower does not want to start easily, I spray some quick start fluid first. If that does not work, I empty the gas tank and the oil tank and replenish with fresh material. If that does not do the trick, I change the spark plug and air filter. If all of the above fail, then I take it apart completely and fix it. My body is a lot more valuable than my lawn mower, ( or so my insurance company says ), but I treat it with the same problem solving philosophy.

So what are the plantar fasciitis treatment options. Well, here are a few:

1. If you have gained too much weight recently, try to lose weight. This will not only help reduce the overload on the feet, it will also help your general health and well-bing.

2. Perform some exercises for the Achilles tendon every morning.

3. Wear night splints

4. Invoke the use of taping practices.

5. Start installing proper insoles in your shoes to provide additional arch support.

6. Get fitted for special plantar fasciitis shoes and purchase and use them.

7. If all of the above fail, get cortizone type local injections administered by your doctor for pain relief. This is not a fun option and is often quite painful.

8. If the previous option fails too, get plantar fasciitis surgery scheduled.

So there you go; this is the list that I had to work with. And I was determined to stay away from the last two options as much as possible and let the top ones do the trick.

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