Plantar fasciitis surgery

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I got to admit, I am a nervous wreck when it comes to doctors and surgeons, especially surgeons. I get nervous simply looking at a needle, let alone being told I need to be poked with one. Hence when I started thinking about plantar fasciitis surgery, I had nothing but scary thoughts going through my head.

I had never dealt with a podiatrist all my life; I used to wonder how these guys even made a living; I mean who would ever go to a foot surgeon for anything I used to think. But here I ws, suddenly thinking of getting a plantar fasciitis surgery done. Well, I decided to go the easy route first and started to gather more information and educate myself better before starting to panic.

Surprisingly, I learnt that surgery is the last resort for plantar fasciitis treatment Wow, what a relief that discovery was. Treatments including use of podiatric insoles, exercises, night splints and changing to shoes that provide proper arch support seemed to be the method most commonly followed. I could handle that, I felt.

Additionally, surgery could lead to further complications, I learnt, such as ruptures, infections, etc and so on. When all else fails, one could resort to plantar fasciitis surgery; if not the simpler treatments are quite effective.

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