Plantar Fasciitis Antifatigue Mats

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Since I figured that people that stand or walk on hard surfaces for a major portion of the day are more susceptible to getting plantar fasciitis, and I was one of them, I wanted to look at ways in which the feet can be cushioned more and the load reduced.

Granted, I had already changed to shoes that offer more arch support, installed inserts in my dress shoes and so on, but is there anything else I could do. After some thought, I figured I could purchase anti-fatigue mats that are sold all over as a means to reduce pain due to my plantar fasciitis.

So I purchased and installed anti fatigue mats both near the machines where I stand all day, as well as a smaller size right in front of my chair at my desk. So my feet were generally resting on the anti fatigue mats rather than on the hard concrete flooring for the major portion of the day. I have not seen this reported anywhere, but many machinists and other people that stand all day in one location such as super market cashiers and such can get some anti fatigue mats installed at their workstations if they are suffering from plantar fasciitis.

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