Plantar fasciitis shoe inserts

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As mentioned in a previous post, paying close attention to shoes is the cardinal step in healing plantar fasciitis. Does not sound like much, but little details can sometimes make a big difference in reducing or eliminating pain by using plantar fasciitis shoe inserts.

In a related subject matter, a friend of a friend of mine was a truck driver that usually hauled goods coast to coast in an eighteen wheeler. In his mid forties, he started complaining of lower back pain. He went to many doctors, who put him through many tests and treatments, but the pain kept on persisting. Believe it or not, the last doctor he went to, took a cursory look at him and asked him to take his wallet out. He took it out of his pant back pocket. The doctor told him to start putting it in his side pockets from now on as a habit. Can you believe in a couple of months his pain went away? You see, with his wallet in his pant back pockets, he was constantly sitting in an imbalanced manner as he drove his truck, with the result that his spinal column was never in a straight proper posture and over time he started developing a painful condition. Get rid of the wallet from the back pocket, sit properly and there he was cured

Similarly, when it comes to treating plantar fasciitis condition, your shoes form the most important area to look into. Now, when purchasing inserts for shoes, ensure that both feet feel comfortable. Some people have different sizes for either feet. Purchase the right size insert for each feet. Thankfully, I do not have that issue, but that is not a big deal; you just need to be aware of your situation.

Again, sometimes, only one foot will be depicting plantar fasciitis pain. This does not mean that the other foot is okay. It may be that the non hurting foot is transferring all of the load on to the other foot and thus causing a problem. Address both feet and use inserts on both feet to get to the root cause of the problem.

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