What is plantar fasciitis

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In trying to understand my painful heel condition, I wanted to get down into the trenches, roll up my sleeves and learn as to what is plantar fasciitis. And here is what I learnt. The bones in the bottom of our feet are covered by a band of tissue that is very thick and these are termed as plantar fascia. When these plantar fascia get severely inflamed, the condition is known as plantar fasciitis.

Now, broken heel spurs were thought of as the cause of plantar fasciitis, but that is not necessarily true; the underlying conditon is what causes the pain. Biomechanical problems that cause extensive pronation of the foot can cause this condition. It is the inflamation that is the underlying root cause. Note also that it makes sense that the pain is most severe in the mornings or after a long period of rest and inactivity, such as what I felt after lunch time breaks, because then the plantar fascia has had enough time to tighten again and lose its flexibility.

Plantar fasciitis does not develop overnight nor do the symptoms present a sudden onset. This condition develops over time. If you started putting on too much weight, then you are putting undue burden on your heels; if you wear shoes that provide next to nothing in arch support, you are potentially inviting plantar fasciitis to your door. Losing flexibility in the feet tissue is a big problem.

My plantar fasciitis was so painful, I thought may be the only option would be to go to a podiatrist or foot surgeon and get surgery performed. On the contrary, what I learnt came in as a big surprise.

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